Snow Plowing

Searching ?snow plow service near me? because you need professional assistance this winter? Southeastern Massachusetts and the entirety of Cape Cod rely on our snow plowing services. From small lots to large retail parking lots, we have the right equipment to take on your commercial property.

Our Commercial Snow & Ice Removal services:

  • Protect the value of your property and enjoy the peace of mind our services offer.
  • Are available to you on a twenty-four hour basis for every snow event.
  • Include an affiliation with a private weather service which ensures that we receive the most up-to-date forecast and early warning calls.
  • Reduce liabilities from injury due to snow-covered parking lots and walkways.

Say goodbye to the early morning stress associated with having to clear the snow from your commercial space and reduce your responsibilities at the same time. We understand how expensive it can be to own the proper equipment necessary for managing the worst that winter can present us with. You will ultimately save money in not having to buy your own truck, plow, sand, and shovels, and you will not have to conduct the physically-demanding work by yourself. Better yet, our expertise will ensure a quick, effective service so you do not have to worry.

Rest assured: ?Maffei Landscape will be there when you need us!

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