Professional Tree and Shrub Maintenance from Maffei Landscape

With professional tree and shrub maintenance from Maffei Landscape, you will be able to protect your beautiful trees and shrubs all season long

  • Our program of nutritional care safeguards your valuable trees and shrubs as well as enhances color, improves leaf size, encourages bloom rate, and stimulates the overall growth.
  • Maffei Landscape offers professional insect and disease control programs tailored to the special concerns of Cape Cod’s unique environment.
  • We target specific threats to your landscape?s shrubs and trees, using insect and disease treatments that promote healthy, vigorous growth.
  • To defend your trees and shrubs from invasive pests and harsh weather, we also provide unique dormant oil programs.

The benefits of professional tree and shrub maintenance

Pruning trees, shrubs, and ornamental bushes is necessary if you want to protect the health and well-being of your landscape. Pruning will focus on dead branches and areas where disease may be present. It is also needed to stimulate new growth of your ornament trees and bushes. As a result of pruning, your landscape will remain healthier and vibrant throughout longer periods of time.

Did you know that maintaining your trees and shrubs properly will also help ward off disease and pest infestations? A tree?s growth needs to be controlled in order to control the insects that live on or around the tree. These insects can cause damage to your landscape or spread disease if they are not taken care of.

Furthermore, having professional tree care will ensure that your property does not have any safety hazards posed by damaged or dying trees. Any potentially-dangerous trees can be trimmed to alleviate the safety risk.

If your trees and plants are healthy, then your entire landscape will look better! This also means that the value of your property will benefit from tree maintenance and your overall landscape design. The value of your home and property can increase substantially when your property is looking its best. If you are planning on eventually selling your residential or commercial property, then the property?s landscaping will be one of the first areas seen and what will help develop the first impression. Properly maintaining trees, shrubs, and your lawn will help the landscape grow and thrive, bringing balance to your property. Regular maintenance will help in eliminating unsightly overgrowth.

Contact Maffei Landscape today to protect your landscape and provide the best tree and shrub maintenance around. Speak with our knowledgeable representatives today to receive a free quote on your next landscaping project.

Contact Maffei Landscape today to protect your trees and shrubs.

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