Trimming Ornamental Bushes, Shrubs, and Tree Pruning Service

Maffei Landscape offers a tree pruning service in addition to the installation and care for ornamental bushes and shrubs

Proper pruning and shaping of ornamental trees, ornamental bushes and shrubs will enhance the beauty and value of your landscape.? Knowing how, what, and when to prune takes knowledge and experience. It is also a necessity to help your ornamental plants grow and thrive. Let us put our experience to work for you to enhance and protect your valuable landscape investment. We offer a tree pruning service that involves servicing all types of trees, shrubs, and ornamental bushes.

Our tree pruning services include:

  • Properly Timed Pruning to enhance the flowering character of your spring flowering, summer flowering and fall flowering ornamental trees and shrubs. Pruning at the right times throughout the year will ensure that ornamental plants will maintain their shape, vigor, and health.
  • Maintenance Pruning to shear and shape ornamental bushes and trees
  • Renovation Pruning to thin, lift, top, reduce and correct branching structure
  • Dormant Season Pruning – saves time and money and reduces potential winter weather damage
  • Vista Pruning and Conservation Pruning?? – to comply with conservation regulation and best practice

The benefits of a tree pruning service to maintain ornamental bushes, trees, and shrubs

There are a few main reasons to hire Maffei Landscape to handle your ornamental pruning needs. For one, we have the knowledge and experience needed to do the job properly. Having inexperienced people on the job will likely lead to improper pruning, which can ultimately damage your prized ornamentals.

Additionally, not only do we know what we are doing, but we have the equipment needed to do the job right. You will not need to go out and buy all of your own equipment to have the pruning work done that your landscape needs.

Lastly, and perhaps most important, your ornamental bushes, trees, and shrubs need to be pruned in order to live a healthy life. Dead branches and diseased parts of trees are routinely taken off while being pruned, ensuring proper tree protection. This includes decay-producing fungi that is eliminated before it can infect and enter the tree.

Our skilled professionals can also remove trees that pose a safety threat to you or visitors. Tree limbs are removed that could fall on your house, pedestrian paths, driveways or buildings. Our tree pruning services, which includes ornamental bushes and shrubs, will protect your landscape and those who interact with it.

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