Garden Bed Edging & Mulching

Our garden bed-edging process is a signature service!

It is the most important process we offer to highlight your landscape.

  • Deep curved lines that clearly define your shrub beds and lawn areas truly transform your landscape.
  • This process establishes the proper grade of soil around the base of your plants and prepares the overall beds for mulch.
  • Once the edges are contoured, your planting beds are weeded, graded, and an application of weed pre-emergent is applied to help suppress future weed growth.
  • After the beds are properly edged, your landscape will be ready for fresh mulch applied by a cutting-edge machine, resulting in an even, skillfully feathered bed to highlight your landscape.

Garden edging helps emphasize parts of your property while making a distinction between the lawn and garden beds. Not only is edging helpful in making your space look beautiful, it is also functional in manner and will make maintaining your property easier.

Do you want the most beautiful garden beds on Cape Cod or in Southeastern Massachusetts? The skilled team of professional landscape contractors at Maffei Landscape can help the landscape of your dreams become reality.

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