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Our lawn fertilizer service will help protect your landscape from unsightly weeds that can cause a lot of damage when left to their own devices

At Maffei Landscape, we stay on the cutting edge of best management practices, developing research, and new products that help combat the worst that nature can offer. We have seen it all from Aphids to Xanathomonos and we are ready to keep your lawn looking its best.

Our scheduled lawn fertilizer service can include:

  • Fertilizer applications- Organic and/or slow release products
  • Broad leaf weed control- to control weeds like Dandelion, Clover, etc.
  • Pre-emergent weed control- to prevent germination?of crabgrass
  • Insect control for subsurface insects- to control root feeding insects like grubs
  • Insect control for ticks- to control ticks in the lawn
  • Lime application- to combat the acidification of soils

Proper fertilization, while using our industry’s best management practices, will keep your lawn healthy all season long.

The benefits of hiring us to handle your lawn fertilizer service and landscaping needs

Save time and money: Lawn care takes time. It requires proper attention and consistent effort. If you do not have the time to dedicate to it but want the benefits of having a beautiful landscape, then you need to hire professionals to handle the many tasks. This will save you time in learning how to care for your lawn and doing it yourself. You will also save money by not making costly mistakes in attempting to do the landscaping work yourself.?

Real experience: Maffei Landscape is a member of both the Massachusetts Association of Landscape Professionals (MLP) and the National Association of Landscape Professionals. Being part of these professional organizations means our work meets the industry standards and elevates the capabilities of our team. We stand above landscapers who are not certified because our skills and have tested and proven time and time again, unlike those standing up to the scrutiny of professional organizations.?

A variety of services: In addition to the nuances of our lawn fertilizer service, we are capable of handling any landscaping job you have the need for. This includes mowing, lawn aeration, ornamental tree and shrub care, insect and pest control, irrigation system maintenance, and complete landscape design and installation. Our team of skilled landscapers can come on a fixed schedule to service your lawn or we can work on individual projects. If you have a new landscaping project in mind, contact our knowledgeable representatives today for a free quote.?

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