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How to Redo a Lawn with Residential Landscape Installation

The award-winning team at Maffei Landscape has the expertise, personnel, and equipment required to successfully complete any project. Our lawn and landscaping services help protect your residential property all year long. From fertilizing in the spring to fall time tree and shrub care, our team of professionals know how to keep your grass growing and your landscape looking its best.

Our residential landscaping services include:

  • Renovation of an existing lawn
  • How to fix dead grass with sod or hydro-seed
  • Create or update existing garden beds
  • Installation of trees, shrubs, and plantings
  • Regular maintenance and lawn mowing
  • Mulching and pruning garden beds

Do you know how to fix dead grass or how to redo a lawn? Allow the experienced professionals to handle your property this year and you will not be disappointed. Our services not only focus on the aesthetic appeal of your lawn and landscape, they also place significant value on the health of your lawn, plantings, trees and shrubs. We can recommend the most beneficial services for your lawn, including fertilization, mulching, edging, and performing routine mowing.

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