Cape Cod Irrigation Services

At Maffei Landscape, we oversee every detail of your irrigation installation.

Proper watering is important to the overall look of your property, as both over watering and under watering can be damaging to your lawn.

Our irrigation experts can handle any size project while taking into account water pressure, sun exposure, and plants? watering needs.

Our complete irrigation services feature a variety of options to meet the needs of your yard and landscape. These include:

  • Designing the optimal layout for new installation
  • Maximizing water usage
  • Seamlessly expand existing systems
  • Seasonal maintenance ? from spring turn on to winter blow out

When we install your system, it will be done right the first time.

The irrigation systems we install allow for healthy lawns and gardens, as the proper amount of water will help roots to grow and thrive. We will make custom systems to fit the demands of your unique landscape.

Automatic sprinkler systems are installed to create an effortless way to maintain the health of your lawn or landscape. Installation often involve the placement of pipes underground to efficiently distribute the optimal amount of water throughout your entire lawn. This will alleviate water wastage and dead areas due to over or under watering.

Contact Maffei Landscape today to find out more about our Southeastern Massachusetts and Cape Cod irrigation services and to receive a free quote on your next landscaping project. We provide irrigation service and maintenance to both residential and commercial properties. Our highly trained staff is available to help your lawn or property look its best all season long.

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